in bed with Becci



The homo sapiens studentus is a special species. Next to the typical activity of studying, the members of this species are known as real lovers of (night)life. But do they have other secrets to unfold? dwars finds out in their natural habitat, the student dorm.

Becci is an art student at the University of the Arts in London (UAL), now studying at Sint Lucas. “Although London is fantastic for arts and culture, it can lack a social intimacy that smaller cities, like Antwerp, can provide.” The focus of her artistic practice is within poetry, music, characterization, and film. In Antwerp, she has been introduced to people working in small galleries and projects. “Active field trips haven’t yet happened on my course in London, so I really appreciate this opportunity in Antwerp!”


When it comes to the facilities at Sint Lucas, she says: “The workshop areas are really lacking in comparison to UAL. However, that limitation encourages me to work in more inventive ways and now I engage with the locality outside of the university studios.” Becci explores Antwerp like a real art student. “I love to go out walking with my 35mm film camera in Antwerp. I then send the photographs to my family and friends at home so they can experience this beautiful city with me. She also attends workshops at the Fotomuseum as a way to introduce herself to the city. I have entered one of my poems and a photograph into a local Antwerp gallery who are making their first zine to help promote the work of artists living in the city.”


One of the most bizarre things she won’t forget, happened on her way to university. “I’d taken the bus and was very near to my usual stop, when suddenly, this older guy, who was wearing small sunglasses and a bucket hat (in the middle of January), boarded the bus and swayed his hand towards my face pretending to ‘steal’ my nose! For him, the whole ordeal was hilarious, for me, not so much!”


Becci even got the chance to discover what a kapsalon is. “For a while, I was unsure what everyone was on about, as I knew it was the word for hairdressers. Then finally an Erasmus friend from the Netherlands, told me the story of how the dish was named after a hairdresser! I have eaten my fair share of kapsalons since. The food that is, I haven’t eaten any hairdressers! When I return to London, I would like to form a band under this ridiculous name!”


Antwerp was not only a change of place but as she says: “It’s a place that enhanced my creativity by testing and strengthening the relationship between myself and my artwork.” She does miss London from time to time. “It sometimes feels frustrating to know that the city is still turning over every day whilst I am not there to see it. However, I do believe that my stay in Antwerp came at a perfect time for me. I was itching to see more of mainland Europe and to grow in a new place.”


But what will she miss the most about Antwerp? “I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here and I’ll miss the Erasmus community, fellow students and teachers at Sint Lucas. The city of Antwerp has a very positive communication with the student union and tries to accommodate the needs of those studying here.”